PBP005: A Short Voyage of Inertia

Poison Boy submits an abbreviated, yet detailed report on developments in the British TPN contamination scandal; botulinum toxin in California pickles; Munchausen-by-chemotherapy in Australia and forensic confusion in Pittsburgh. The Venomous Media Review focuses on THE GIRL WHO DIED TWICE by Natalie Robbins and we round out This Week in Tox History with discussions on everything from kite flying with Ben Franklin to the founding of AA and firebombing Tokyo, plus a special announcement!


Written by Poison Boy

Gerry O'Malley (a.k.a Poison Boy) is a board certified ER doctor and toxicologist with a interest in the unusual, terrifying and occasionally hilarious world of poisonings and toxicology. This site is an exploration of poisons of historical interest as well as in current events and pop culture.

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