PBP018: The Man Who Sold the Future

Poison Boy and Joel Kravitz team up again to solve the world’s problems in less than a half hour. Then we recount the most important toxicology-related events of the second two weeks of January, including the death of Socrates, Paul McCartney getting arrested multiple times (in addition to the Grateful Dead and Marion Barry), the founding of Australia, robot murderers, hot Czechoslovakian chicks that fall from the sky and idiot British terrorists that try (unsuccesfully) to blow planes from the sky. And that’s just the beginning…

Written by Poison Boy

Gerry O'Malley (a.k.a Poison Boy) is a board certified ER doctor and toxicologist with a interest in the unusual, terrifying and occasionally hilarious world of poisonings and toxicology. This site is an exploration of poisons of historical interest as well as in current events and pop culture.

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