If At First You Don’t Succeed…

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

So Mr. Singh’s brother was in love with Mr. Kumar’s wife – so much in love that he attacked Mr. Kumar, but managed to run away without being caught. He stewed and fretted “Fatal Attraction” style until he came up with the scheme to fill a syringe with some kind of neurotoxin, give it to his brother (Mr. Singh) and have it plunged into Mr. Kumar’s neck, killing him.  All for the glory of love. Must be some kind of woman to create that degree of psychosis.


Written by Poison Boy

Gerry O'Malley (a.k.a Poison Boy) is a board certified ER doctor and toxicologist with a interest in the unusual, terrifying and occasionally hilarious world of poisonings and toxicology. This site is an exploration of poisons of historical interest as well as in current events and pop culture.

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