My Pooch Is A Stoner

My Pooch Is A Stoner

Not sure how these vets knew that this dog was acting strangely due to eating marijuana. The article mentions testing, but no mention of the test results. I know Australia is a place where the weird is the norm, but marijuana growing wild by the side of the road? At least Scooby seems to have made a complete recovery, so is this a first-person description of a dog after eating marijuana? My old friend and co-author Frank Daly lives in Perth. Maybe I’ll give him a call and get to the bottom of this.


Written by Poison Boy

Gerry O'Malley (a.k.a Poison Boy) is a board certified ER doctor and toxicologist with a interest in the unusual, terrifying and occasionally hilarious world of poisonings and toxicology. This site is an exploration of poisons of historical interest as well as in current events and pop culture.

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