Time to Brush Up on Your Pakistani Politics

Time to Brush Up on Your Pakistani Politics

I’m a little rusty on the movers and shakers in Pakistani politics, but with a couple like this in power, is it any wonder that things in the Far East are such an entertaining mess? Just listen to the alleged rap sheet on Reham – she reportedly (allegedly) beat up her former husbands, lied about being married and beating up her former husbands, faked a diploma, stole some money from a film company and conspired to poison her current husband – who notified her about their divorce via e-mail. Wow.

Written by Poison Boy

Gerry O'Malley (a.k.a Poison Boy) is a board certified ER doctor and toxicologist with a interest in the unusual, terrifying and occasionally hilarious world of poisonings and toxicology. This site is an exploration of poisons of historical interest as well as in current events and pop culture.

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