Z-Dogg is a Bully and a Z-Douche

Z-Dogg is a Bully and a Z-Douche

Z-Dogg is a Bully. And a Z-Douche | Poison Boy Picks a Fight 

Z-Dogg is a bully. And a Z-Douche. I’m really tired of this joker positioning himself as the arbiter of everything right and wrong in medicine. His latest douchebaggery involves berating and bullying a nurse in Texas. Apparently, some pediatric nurse anti-vaccine nutcase at Texas Children’s Hospital wrote some blog post describing her feelings about taking care of a young victim of measles. The patient apparently was never vaccinated against measles and traveled to an area of the world described as ‘developing’ and contracted measles and wound up in the intensive care unit and in the care of this anti-vaccination oriented nurse. 

” She allegedly wrote about the case on the “Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children – Texas” Facebook page, which has since been deleted. A concerned parent posted screenshots of the unidentified nurse’s comments on the hospital’s Facebook page late Friday.” 

“I think it’s easy for us nonvaxxers to make assumptions but most of us have never and will never see one of theses diseases,” the self-identified nurse wrote, according to the screenshots. “[F]or the first time in my career I saw measles this week. Actually most of my coworkers and the ER docs saw measles for the first time as well. And honestly, it was rough. The kid was super sick. Sick enough to be admitted to the ICU and he looked miserable. “By no means have I changed my vax stance, and I never will. But I just wanted to share my experience and how much worse it was than I expected,” she added.

Ok – so she sounds pretty uninformed and she seems to be making decisions from an uninformed point of view. Even if she is a nurse – is that any reason to ridicule and shame her? Doesn’t it mean (perhaps) that physicians and scientists have done a really shitty job of making the vaccination argument?

That’s what I thought.

I thought – “Gee – I’m a doctor, from the Latin docere, which means ‘to teach’ and yet there are people out there that think vaccines are somehow harmful. I must be doing something wrong or not trying hard enough.”

Not Z-Dogg. Z-Dogg is a bully and a Z-Douche. You can thank me for that appellation.

Z-Dogg is a Bully. And a Z-Douche.

Hey Z-Douche, what happened to your hair? Is that a selfie of your colon on your computer screen?

Oh – who is Z-Dogg you may ask?  Z-Dogg is a bully. His real name is Zubin Damania, MD, an internal medicine – trained physician who loves to identify with emergency physicians, perhaps because he has some unrequited desire to do what I do. Zubin really wishes he was an ER doctor – maybe its some inadequacy he feels? I don’t know.

Z-Dogg, or Z-Douche, as I’ll refer to him for the rest of this bog post, seems to think he is the judge, jury and executioner for anyone he disagrees with. Z-Douche is a bully and sets his sights on a Texas nurse with opinions that differed from his own with regards to childhood vaccines, to bully and harass and SHAME (in his words). Z-Douche prefers not to meet and engage one-on-one with anti-vaxxers, but instead to passively-aggressively post stupid, infantile videos in an attempt to change the hearts and minds of individuals that can be reasoned with.

Z-Douche believes that certain people are “unreachable” and need to be isolated into little bubbles in which they can’t “infect” other free-thinking Americans. How do I know this? Because after watching the above video (forwarded to me on FaceBook) I reached out to Z-Douche and asked him to tone it down a little and try instead to reach out to the anti-vaccine people and debate them in public. I asked him “Do you really think these are BAD or evil people?”  This is the totality of his reply to me:

Gerald, I have done videos calmly teaching about vaccine principles, including one for mothers on the fence about vaccinating, that use your approach. Those videos are trying to sway people on the fence through calm, non-condescending “docere” approach.
Hardcore anti vaccine people are not evil, but they are also largely unreachable (this is not a theory, I’m speaking from not just my own experience but the experience of hundreds of others who have tried). The goal of videos like the one you mention is not to convert them gently. It is to SHAME them and rally the rest of us to have zero tolerance for their harmful “beliefs.” They may retreat into their bubble, but we will make their bubble the only place they can rant and do damage. To take a page out of their own book, so to speak (minus the death threats and physical intimidation many of us have received).
Your proposal to “debate” them is harmful at it’s root, because it creates a “false equivalence”: that there actually is a “debate” when the science is settled (there have now been a couple decades of “debate” since Wakefield’s fraudulent paper, and even the press now agrees the debate is over). I’ve done videos about this as well, as has Paul Offitt, David Gorski, and other pro-science doctors.
Thanks for your message!
Z-Dogg is a Bully. And a Z-Douche.

Z-Douche in all his glorious douchebaggery.

Are you kidding me? Posting videos? WTF? Honestly – how condescending can you get? How fucking passive-aggressive can you possibly be Z-Douche? Death threats? Don’t make me laugh. I’m an ER doctor – I eat death threats for breakfast. Are you really afraid of some keyboard warrior issuing “death threats” from his mother’s basement? Really Dude?

There is never a “false equivalence” – there is only a cowardly refusal to engage and entertain. How are you supposed to change hearts and mind when you start off from a position of “You are a fucking idiot, I’m Z-Dogg the doctor and I’m calling you a shithead!”

Fuck you Z-Douche.  Like most egomaniacs you are a fucking bully. Nothing more and nothing less.

Z-Dogg is a bully. This isn’t about vaccinations. I believe in vaccinations (except the flu vaccine, which I’m forced to accept as a condition to work and earn a living) and I’ve vaccinated both my children for all the recommended vaccines but there is a vocal and misguided group of people (the anti-vaxxers) that DO NOT need derision and hatred – they need to be engaged and embraced and we need to try to convince them with science and logic. NOBODY is unreachable. That’s a Poison Boy truism.

I think Z-Douche has exposed himself as a small-minded publicity-seeking a-hole.

All well-meaning healthcare workers need to condemn Z-Douche’s  judgmental, mean, bullying shitty little videos.

Z-Dogg is a Bully. And a Z-Douche

Me and Percy looking for a late nite snack while plotting our strategy against Z-Douche. Somebody has to call out this a-hole. Guess it will be me.





Written by Poison Boy

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