Mushrooms Are Like Your Nose – If You Pick ‘Em Don’t Eat ‘Em

Mushrooms Are Like Your Nose – If You Pick ‘Em Don’t Eat ‘Em

Important article that can be summarized in one or two sentences – the title of this post, which is always excellent advice, and another – mushroom poisoning is why God invented supermarkets. Poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms look very similar and some mushrooms that are poisonous in one country (or area) are substantially less poisonous when they grow in another country or area. People accustomed to foraging for mushrooms in Vietnam or Austria will get a very unpleasant surprise when they pick what they think are “safe mushrooms” in Northern California or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When I was an intern in New York City, a family of Italians were all hospitalized after collecting and eating mushrooms from the side of the Bronx River Parkway. Sheesh!

morel-mushroom-identificationYeah, Ok. I’ll use this handy guide and take my chances at a liver transplant.



















There are a million of these cartoons on the web

'Are these mushrooms edible?'

‘Are these mushrooms edible?’


Shiitake Happens

Shiitake Happens

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