Poisoning Families Don’t Get Much Crazier Than This

Poisoning Families Don’t Get Much Crazier Than This

A lawyer is arguing that one sentence – one sentence is the only thing capable of upholding a conviction against an 84 year old grandma. During her trial, Helen Galli was accused (and convicted) of spiking her son’s girlfriend’s “juicy-juice” (whatever the heck that is) with antifreeze (ethylene glycol). The girlfriend drank it and nearly died. The defense attorney tried to argue that its impossible to mix juicy-juice with antifreeze. At some point during the trial, the victim made the statement that the boyfriend handed her the spiked drink and told her to drink it – and now grandma’s defense lawyer is calling “hearsay!” and demanding a retrial. “Without that statement the prosecution had no case against Helen Galli,” Flora said. Are you kidding? How long did this trial last? An hour and a half? Are you telling me there was NO other evidence presented to convict this old lady? This seems like an enormous waste of everyone’s time. Helen Galli should just serve her time and save the taxpayers the time, money and aggravation of a new trial.

Judging from his photo, it doesn’t look like prison life agrees with Helen.

imageBefore prison







imageAfter prison (oof!)


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