Remember “The Sixth Sense?” Sounds alot Like What’s Happening in St. Louis.

Remember “The Sixth Sense?” Sounds alot Like What’s Happening in St. Louis.

I’ve read this story on a half-dozen news feeds and I still can’t figure out what is going on. Apparently this woman’s son has epilepsy and some undefined mental disorder and she has been taking him for treatment at 2 different hospitals 200 miles apart. The doctors at one hospital were unaware of the treatment the child was receiving at the other hospital. Ok – that happens literally every day in this country. I’ve had patients undergo major surgery at one hospital 1.5 miles away, and then show up in my ER for their follow-up or when something goes wrong. Patients and consumers seem to think that doctors can get access to patient’s records anytime we want by just picking up a phone. I’m still waiting for records on a patient I saw 6 months ago. This article describes some kind of statewide database that doctors can access to tell us what medications people are prescribed. That is a joke. My database here in Philadelphia can tell me some very limited information from a less than a half-dozen pharmacies in my immediate area – thats it. Anyway – the fact that the kid kept getting better when he was separated from the mother raises an eyebrow and her changing story is disturbing. This may indeed be a case of Munchausen’s by Proxy – like the little girl whose mother poisons her in “The Sixth Sense” – LOVE that movie.

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The great scene from “The Sixth Sense”

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