Rock or Bust

Rock or Bust


It’s hard to believe that despite their debut back in 1973, AC/DC fans can still get rowdy enough at shows to warrant public concern about their upcoming tour date in their native home of Australia. However, this is exactly what has happened for their upcoming December 15th show at the Western Springs Stadium. Those about to rock┬áhave been banned from tailgating in a pre designated zone surrounding the stadium, and violators can face a $250 fine. The move has been justified with the rationale that the likelihood of excessive alcohol consumption is high for this show, and this will curb most of the rowdy behavior. Ironically, there is no mention of any other mind altering substances being banned specifically for the event.

Rock or Busted

Angus Young versus beer bottle

Written by Sarah Misuro

Hailing from South Philly, I spend my days off from working night shift in the ER in search of vinyl records and hanging out at my favorite local music shop. Nothing beats talking music with people who play it, understand it, and live it everyday. I always love a good music recommendation, in all formats and genres!

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